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My Lack of Posting

I haven’t been writing much recently. Work has been killing a lot of my time and I’ve found myself having a rough couple days; I’m not exactly sure how to articulate my feeling right now, and that’s left me with … Continue reading

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7 Ways To Be A Trans Ally

A delightfully written article. I recommend anyone curious about the trans community read it. It includes some helpful basics about trans people. There is a lot of mis-information and old, incorrect, terminology still being used in the world. Believe it … Continue reading

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Hundreds gather to celebrate life of slain transgender woman

Stories like these rob me of my faith in humanity. For someone to be murdered over something as simple how they present themselves to the world. It’s crimes like these that make me so impassioned about trans pride and rights. … Continue reading

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Trans Women and the False Security of Hyper-masculine Enviroments

I was a scared child. Scared of the dark. Scared of trolls. Scared of Dogs. Scared of most contact sports. I don’t thing I was the son my Marine father wanted. I grew up in a strange environment with plenty … Continue reading

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My View on USA Today’s “Transgender troops serve in silence” and Transgender Treatment in the Media

This Morning I saw a USA Today article titled “Transgender Troops Serve In Silence.”  I excitedly rushed to read the story, eager to see an affirmative portrayal of transgender service men and women. While our treatment by media has experienced … Continue reading

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Getting My Friends to See the Woman Inside.

The most important part of my transition is growing more comfortable with living internally as a woman; as the months roll by, I feel female when I think about myself and the world around me. It disturbed me for how long … Continue reading

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Woman Allegedly Raped in Dubai Given Longer Jail Sentence than Accused Rapist

*UPDATE: The Ruler of the UAE has pardoned her and allowed her to to return home. it is unknown what will happen to her alleged rapist, he is still sentenced to 13 months in Prison for extramarital sex.* With its omnipotent skyline, beautiful beaches, and … Continue reading

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My Other Passion: Cooking

Even though I haven’t’ written about it, cooking is a important part of my life. My parents are both good cooks; my dad really puts a lot of effort into his meals. By watching, helping, and listening to them, I … Continue reading

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My Bicycle and My Plan for Her

I have an 1987 Bianchi Premio that I purchased on Craigslist earlier this year. My friends call her Biancha. She is a 62cm (yeah, I’m tall), 10-speed, Italian road bike, and I love her. She is fast. I soar by … Continue reading

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Discovering That I was Transgender or A Brief History of Me

*This post does some slightly sexual material (nothing perverted)  but it may not be suitable for  those under 18* I’ve see a lot of people explain how they knew they were transgender, so I figured I should as well. I’m doing this not only for … Continue reading

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