I have always hated the idea of having a personal blog. To me, there was no better example of my generation’s hubris than its need to publish pseudo-intellectual dribble for the entire world to see. We exhibit a strange fascination with posting, sharing, and swapping intricate details about our life. But despite my previous apprehensions, I am joining the party.

I began writing a lot recently; it has left a more profound impact on my life than I imagined. Putting things down on paper has really allowed me to make new discoveries about myself and to sort out my own thoughts and feelings. I think a blog will provide a good outlet, which will expand my writing. I envision a blog that is both outro and introspective: a blog that I can use to vent about a particular day or even address more profound topics. I’m sure I will occasionally post things I find or make. I’ll speak to the blog’s name later.

Who am I? My name is Emily. I am a college student in DC. I enjoy reading, writing, drinking, movies, arguing with my friends, and cycling. My life is a bit more complicated than that though. In addition to the mundane, I am a transgender woman in transition. This fact has left a real impact on my life and will work its way into my work. But this is not a transition blog.

I look forward to posting more in the future.

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