Just a Quick Life Update

So if any of ya’ll have read my second to last post, you’d know I had decided to come out to a bunch more of my friends. Well, last night I as talking to one of my three best guy friends about coming out to another one of my best guy friends. I was a bit nervous about the whole thing because he’s pretty conservative and comes from a religious family. Also, when discussing the issue of transgender people in the past, he’d expressed and opinion that we are “just fucked up in the head.”

Surprise, surprise, he has know for almost 2 months; he was going to wait to see how long it would take for me to come out to him. Apparently, someone who knew basically told him when she was drunk. I’m not 100% happy that she did that, but it did save me to trouble.

Bottom line: he doesn’t really seem to care much. It hasn’t changed his opinion of me. He’s been a bit different to me recently, but we haven’t had a real chance to talk about it much.

so till next time, I’ll try to have something to actually say.


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