My Bicycle and My Plan for Her

Not my bike, but is the same year, model, color. I have cork wraps on mine and the components are in worse shape. I’ll post pics of my bike once I get some good ones.

I have an 1987 Bianchi Premio that I purchased on Craigslist earlier this year. My friends call her Biancha. She is a 62cm (yeah, I’m tall), 10-speed, Italian road bike, and I love her. She is fast. I soar by my friends and other cyclists in the city. I love the feeling of freedom I have riding her. It’s the one time in my life I feel in control, in my element, and in focus. A ride in the cool night’s air is like a perfect dream.

I wish the previous owner had taken better care of her. Pretty much everything but the headset, breaks, and wheels have to be replaced. However, these problems are part of the fun for me. I get to fix her up and make her my own by building her back up. I have a long list of things I want to do to Biancha.

Firstly, I’m looking to get a new saddle. Something that pays tribute to her racing heritage. The previous owner had mountain saddle on- yuck. She needs something slimline and leather.

Then we need to address her crank-set. Everything must go. I’m going to need new pedals. The current ones are not only ugly, painful at times, and dangerous –  they are slippery – but they are the worst designed pedals my friends or I have ever seen. So gone. I can’t decided if i want half clip/half street pedal ones. I’d like to get a entire new crank and gear set. There will only be one front gear, so I can remove the front derailleur.

After getting the front half of my bike squared away, I will tackle the rear gear-set. This is where I might make some enemies. I don’t think I’m going to keep the 10-speed setup; Part of me would really like to, but until I can have two bikes – a single and a 10-speed – I’m going to stick to the single speed. I want to get a flip-flop hub so that I can ride her both fixed and freewheel. I’ll then probably upgrade my breaks.

This is a very brief rundown of what I sorta want to do. I’ll put of picks of my bike later and progress in bringing her back to glory.perhaps I will just upgrade her as a 10-speed and get another bike. who knows.


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