My Other Passion: Cooking

Even though I haven’t’ written about it, cooking is a important part of my life. My parents are both good cooks; my dad really puts a lot of effort into his meals. By watching, helping, and listening to them, I too have become not bad at preparing food. I think it helps that I love eating and I have a great intuition for what tastes good together. So I figure, why not talk about my passion some on my blog?

I’ll start with today: Today I made Sauteed Mushrooms Over Polenta with red wine sauce and a side of cucumbers and yellow zucchini.

To prepare this meal, I first chopped the cucumber and zucchini into quarters (I also seeded the cucumbers). I then set these aside. I then prepared the Polenta and placed in in a sauce pot to keep till the next step; I put a splash of milk to make it creamy. I diced an a quarter onion and then sauteed it in sugar until brown. I mixed the onion in with the polenta, along with garlic, salt, and home made tomato powder. I let that stew while fixed the mushrooms, sauce, and side vegetables. I sauteed the quartered veggies in black pepper just till the zucchini started to blacken and set them aside. The mushrooms too I sauteed, with a splash of wine and garlic. The sauce was just a simple wine roux.

That’s all there was too it.  I’m always looking for interesting dishes to cook. I wouldn’t expect to see much, if any meat prepared.

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