My Lack of Posting

I haven’t been writing much recently. Work has been killing a lot of my time and I’ve found myself having a rough couple days; I’m not exactly sure how to articulate my feeling right now, and that’s left me with a bit of a reluctance to write. Everything has just been kind of gray. Work was rough for a while and I wasn’t really having much fun at home. I also feel like I haven’t been seeing friends very often. To put the icing on the cake, my electro appointment was so unusually painful today that I ended up crying though most of it.

I do have some posts in progress and ideas/topics I want to talk about. I think the next one I am going to write is about the word ‘faggot.’ I’ve been under a fair amount of stress recently. I’m going home tomorrow night and I am not out to my parents. There is also lots of other crap I have to deal with like finding a new apartment. The good news is that I have been cooking a ton and bought a new chef knife. I will probably post a big collection of stuff I have cooked recently.

Shes pretty sweet, Shun Classic 8″ Western Chef Knife.

The Shun

I originally thought I would end up going with a Wustof, but the store didn’t really have any I liked or that felt well balanced in my hand. The next time I buy another chef knife, It’l be a 10″ or 12″ inch and probably a Wustof. I like the heavy bolsters on some of their knifes. While my shun doesn’t really have a bolster, it still moves swiftly and quickly while maintaining the feel of a European blade.

I hope to have more substantive things to post in the future. Sorry I’ve been AWOL, I tend to do that sometimes when I’m juggling passions/hobbies.


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3 Responses to My Lack of Posting

  1. Thanks for sharing! Any update is a worthy update. Sorry things have been rough for you, but keep your chin up. It always gets better. Always.

  2. Jamie Ray says:

    I have that knife and I love it. It is beautiful, super sharp, and feels lovely in the hand. And it chops like a motherfucker. Eight inches is plenty big. Have fun with it.

    • emilyisreal says:

      So far I love it! It fits amazingly into hand, my parents have a shun kaiji santoku that’s awesome as well

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