My beautiful bike, Cut down in her pride, and other shit that’s happened


someone thought it would be cool to kick in the back wheel of my bike

My Bianchi Premio’s Aluminum rear wheel has been destroyed.


In addition to this, some of my friends told people I was trans, who told people I was trans…. so I’ve just starting coming out to people. One of these people, and I don’t even know how he knows, tried to out me one my Facebook wall. But at least 90% of people have been totally supportive and are already treating me well 🙂 But over all, kinda of a rough time, I’ll post more later. I still have no idea where the hell I’m going to live.
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4 Responses to My beautiful bike, Cut down in her pride, and other shit that’s happened

    • emilyisreal says:

      My only mode of transportation 😦

      • chris9911 says:

        in that case…what a f’in prick! You should be able to take the wheel off and smash it against something to try to bend it back into shape. Its a temporary fix until you can find the right deal on a rear wheel. You are much better off purchasing a good used rear wheel than spending the money to have the current one repaired. Check craigslist for a new rear wheel, you should be able to find something for around $50.

      • emilyisreal says:

        Thanks for the help. This has really complicated my life made things a huge problem. I can’t even like go to showing for apartments easily now.

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