So, I’ve kinda Been Away for a While.

Last month, I had about a million different thins all causing me stress. well, a couple of weeks ago they have pretty much come to a resolution. I have been really busy, had a couple of depressing  and happy weeks, but have mainly been unsure of my feelings and locked out of my writing mindset. Today i’m back to talk about my life over the last few weeks.

So the big thing that happened, in brief, is that school started. With the advent of class, my housing situation came to a dramatic climax. My parents reneged on their previous decision on letting me live in a single apartment off campus due to money issue and informed me about two weeks ago that they would need me to live in on campus housing. Upon hearing this, I had a panic attack and broke down because I knew I couldn’t live in a room with three random guys. I felt trapped, like there was no way out. the day before, my phone had been destroyed so I was even more isolated. I decided to go to my friends house, borrow her phone, and tell my parents that I am transgender.

I told my mom first. She said she didn’t really understand and that she would support me no matter what. she also let me know that my dad would be up the next day to help me out. She then told my dad, who claimed he always knew there was something up with me.

I’ve had several conversations with my parents since then. They claim they will wholeheartedly support my transition so long as I see a therapist and include them heavily in the decision making process. I’m thankful they will love me, son or daughter, but I am disturbed with the amount of control they want over my body, the doubt they have expressed about my gender dysphoria, and their request to be able to speak to my therapist.

other than that, I love my classes for once, am starting as a reporter for the school paper, have made a lot of great new friends though school programs, connected with member of the LGBT community, become stronger in my transition, and finally feel like I am doing good in the schools community.


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