I have no voice – a Poem

So I wrote a poem. This is not something I think I am particularity good at, so no harsh judgement please. I will try and post more later. I wrote this about my struggle to find a female voice. This is something that has held me back and caused me a great deal of insecurity. This poem just came to me after thinking about my voice problems; the process of making it made me feel so much better.

When you read this poem, there are four ways to read it (really one way that requires reading it four times). First in the order it is written, then, backwards from last line to top, then reading the second part of each verse first, and then reading it backwards reading the second part of each verse first. It think that’s kinda cool. anyway:

“I have no voice”

I am sad that I have no Voice, even though I did speak today.

My tone is still not my choice, when I have so much to say.

I hesitate to open my lips, for the reason nothing will sound real.

Just like the void in-between my hips, my voice will never sound as I feel.

~Emily S.

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