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RIP Biancha the bike, 1986-2013

Well, the guys at the bike shop tried, but the frame damage done to my bike was to extensive to fix- she’s permanently out of alignment. I haven’t really felt like writing, but I’ve got some stuff brewing inside me … Continue reading

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My beautiful bike, Cut down in her pride, and other shit that’s happened

My Bianchi Premio’s Aluminum rear wheel hasĀ been destroyed. In addition to this, some of my friends told people I was trans, who told people I was trans…. so I’ve just starting coming out to people. One of these people, and … Continue reading

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My Bicycle and My Plan for Her

I have an 1987 Bianchi Premio that I purchased on Craigslist earlier this year. My friends call her Biancha. She is a 62cm (yeah, I’m tall), 10-speed, Italian road bike, and I love her. She is fast. I soar by … Continue reading

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