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Trying to shake the feeling that you’re not trans enough.

By Emily Ann Smith  Who I am in my personal life and who I am in public are different, because I’m still too scared to present as a woman. Yet I’ve given up so much to transition: so many friends, … Continue reading

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The Inevitable Post Thanksgiving Reflection: a Trip Home in Two Parts

by Emily Ann Smith I can ultimately say I had a positive trip back home this Thanksgiving.  It was the longest I’ve been home in about a year – just 6 days. It was also a time that was as … Continue reading

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My beautiful bike, Cut down in her pride, and other shit that’s happened

My Bianchi Premio’s Aluminum rear wheel has been destroyed. In addition to this, some of my friends told people I was trans, who told people I was trans…. so I’ve just starting coming out to people. One of these people, and … Continue reading

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My Visit Back Home So Far: A Tango of Peace and Stress

I haven’t been home in about 7-8 months. So far after being home one day, I’ve realized how much I’ve missed it. I’m been having fun, frank conversations with my mother. My dad hasn’t been hassling either. unfortunately I’ve also … Continue reading

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My View on USA Today’s “Transgender troops serve in silence” and Transgender Treatment in the Media

This Morning I saw a USA Today article titled “Transgender Troops Serve In Silence.”  I excitedly rushed to read the story, eager to see an affirmative portrayal of transgender service men and women. While our treatment by media has experienced … Continue reading

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Discovering That I was Transgender or A Brief History of Me

*This post does some slightly sexual material (nothing perverted)  but it may not be suitable for  those under 18* I’ve see a lot of people explain how they knew they were transgender, so I figured I should as well. I’m doing this not only for … Continue reading

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Just a Quick Life Update

So if any of ya’ll have read my second to last post, you’d know I had decided to come out to a bunch more of my friends. Well, last night I as talking to one of my three best guy … Continue reading

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Where I am right now: Patience, fear, and determination.

I wrote this between 1:30 and 2:30AM (ish) on Thursday Morning, sitting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. I went for a nice ride around Northwest DC to sort out my head; its amazing the sense of freedom that … Continue reading

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