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Examining Privilege as One of the Worst Offenders

By Emily Ann Smith One of my most moving experiences occurred in train a station in Xi’an, China , 2010. Xi’an, for those of you not familiar with the city, is the ancient capital of China and resting place of … Continue reading

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The Transphobe in the Mirror

My whole life, I have been trying to forgive myself for being transgender. I am now starting to realize that there is nothing to apologize for. I’ve been struggling with my own internalized transphobia.  I am constantly fighting the feeling … Continue reading

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My View on USA Today’s “Transgender troops serve in silence” and Transgender Treatment in the Media

This Morning I saw a USA Today article titled “Transgender Troops Serve In Silence.”  I excitedly rushed to read the story, eager to see an affirmative portrayal of transgender service men and women. While our treatment by media has experienced … Continue reading

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