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So I’ve Been Away

I’m still back home. I came home expecting a great and refreshing break, which would give me plenty of time to write, learn french, and prepare for next semester. Here’s what has happened instead: My dog died.  Mattie was no … Continue reading

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Trying to shake the feeling that you’re not trans enough.

By Emily Ann Smith  Who I am in my personal life and who I am in public are different, because I’m still too scared to present as a woman. Yet I’ve given up so much to transition: so many friends, … Continue reading

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The Inevitable Post Thanksgiving Reflection: a Trip Home in Two Parts

by Emily Ann Smith I can ultimately say I had a positive trip back home this Thanksgiving.  It was the longest I’ve been home in about a year – just 6 days. It was also a time that was as … Continue reading

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I’m Back: 4.5mo/ HRT, End of Depressing Weeks, Optimism in High Gear

I am back to writing and blogging after taking a long break. The two weeks after I got back to DC had been some of the most stressful in my life, due to factors both within and out of my … Continue reading

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Trans Women and the False Security of Hyper-masculine Enviroments

I was a scared child. Scared of the dark. Scared of trolls. Scared of Dogs. Scared of most contact sports. I don’t thing I was the son my Marine father wanted. I grew up in a strange environment with plenty … Continue reading

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My View on USA Today’s “Transgender troops serve in silence” and Transgender Treatment in the Media

This Morning I saw a USA Today article titled “Transgender Troops Serve In Silence.”  I excitedly rushed to read the story, eager to see an affirmative portrayal of transgender service men and women. While our treatment by media has experienced … Continue reading

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