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So I’ve Been Away

I’m still back home. I came home expecting a great and refreshing break, which would give me plenty of time to write, learn french, and prepare for next semester. Here’s what has happened instead: My dog died.  Mattie was no … Continue reading

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Trying to shake the feeling that you’re not trans enough.

By Emily Ann Smith  Who I am in my personal life and who I am in public are different, because I’m still too scared to present as a woman. Yet I’ve given up so much to transition: so many friends, … Continue reading

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My Lack of Posting

I haven’t been writing much recently. Work has been killing a lot of my time and I’ve found myself having a rough couple days; I’m not exactly sure how to articulate my feeling right now, and that’s left me with … Continue reading

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Discovering That I was Transgender or A Brief History of Me

*This post does some slightly sexual material (nothing perverted)  but it may not be suitable for  those under 18* I’ve see a lot of people explain how they knew they were transgender, so I figured I should as well. I’m doing this not only for … Continue reading

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Perfection Paranoia

Knowing that everything published on my blog will be available the public has both helped and hampered my writing so far. It has motivated me to write about certain issues and share parts of myself. But it has also managed … Continue reading

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I have always hated the idea of having a personal blog. To me, there was no better example of my generation’s hubris than its need to publish pseudo-intellectual dribble for the entire world to see. We exhibit a strange fascination … Continue reading

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